Duffys Tavern
130th Street, Ocean City Maryland | 410-250-1449

A long, long time ago.Duffy and Otis set sail from the emerald fole to America to seek oppourtunity. One day after a long and dangerous voyage. Otis, Duffys four legged companion, began barking and carrying on. It was land. Here it is stated Duffy, Ocean City Maryland!

The overjoyed pair docked their boat and to no surprize found their way to the nearest bar, Named the Tavern. Upon Entering The Tavern, the pals found a bar with only two people sitting. These two were Tongs McGuillicuddy and Noddles O'Dillydelly. "Where is everyone?" asked Duffy. "Can I have a beer and a whiskey" asked Otis.

Gloomy Tongs informed the pair "because there is no more beer and whiskey, there are no more customers."

One might thing the travel weasy pair would be sidapointed by the terrible news. Howerever, Duffy and Otis instead looked at each other and smiled gleefully. "Why do you smile" asked Tongs, "I have no one to cook for". And I have no one to wait on" Chimed Noodles.

Just then Duffy and Otis left the Tavern and went straight to the ship. A short time later the returned to the dry Tavern with gifts, the grandest gifts to an Irishman. "There is all my Irish Whiskey" DUffy Generously stated! "And there is the beer which bears my name" boasted Otis.

Tongs and Noodles danced a jig and proceeded to run out the front door. Confused DUffy and Otis followed to tfind Tongs and Boodles on a ladder putting up a new sign, "Duffys Tavern."

Upcoming Events
Some days your Otis,
other days the hydrant.